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2006-01-18 | 1:20 p.m.
I ain't no skating queen
I went roller skating on Sunday for the first time in years. I haven't been on regular skates since high school, at which point I joined the rollerblade revolution in college and spent a lot of time on Sass's blades (as evidenced by the yearbook, where the editor needed more photos of 'candid campus shots' and filled it with her friends in a variety of funny and strange tableaux). But proper roller skates, those brown suede monsters with the orange or red wheels and extra-long laces--we met again after a long estrangement, and I had a blast. The rink was smaller than I was used to, and wooden instead of concrete. It was overrun with small children and gawky adults; one of the few arenas where the teens shed their awkward charms and zipped and flitted with grace and lyricism. This isn't to say that they weren't obnoxious (oh, holy hannah were they ever) but at least they looked good while doing it.

I spent the first 10 minutes anxious and awkward, myself. It's been so long, and I refused to fall. Simply refused. Luckily, my years of practice resurfaced and by the time I got the hang of it, I was whipping in between the slowpokes with the others. It thinned out at the end, and I could speed around the track with abandon. What absolute joy--go fast, turn corners quickly, and fly. A lot like driving in traffic, wonder I enjoy it!

Of course, I had forgotten about the downside of skating...blisters and bruises. And incredibly sore muscles. I had a pretty big blister from the ill-fitting boot, and my left leg from spine to toe felt like it ran the Hustle up the Hancock all by itself. I was entirely lopsided and tripped going up and down stairs because I had no fine motor control. Imagine doing four hours of squats. That's what active roller skating does to you on a small track--you continually turn to the left, so you push more with the left leg than the right... So yeah, ow.

I cannot wait to go again.

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